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We are the best staffing agency in Worcester, offering a fellowship of all ages, creeds, and classes united, regardless of means, in the common effort to develop mind, body and spirit for our families, our community, and ourselves through activities guided by and based upon Judeo-Christian Principles. We hope you utilize our local employment agency to find the job you have always dreamed of.

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National Pre-School Aquatics Program in Worcester

  • National Progressive ( 6 & older) Aquatics Programin Worcester

  • Greendale Gators Swim Team in Worcester

  • Central Dolphins Swim Team in Worcester

  • National Adult Swim Lessons in Worcester

  • Pool Rentals & Splash Parties in Worcester

  • Aqua-size - (Low impact shallow water exercise)

  • Water Aerobics & Water Walking classes in Worcester

  •  National Arthritis Foundation/YMCA Aquatics program in Worcester

  • Lifeguard Classes in Worcester

  • SCUBA Classes in Worcester

  • Pre-School Fitness Classes in Worcester

  • Youth Fitness classes in Worcester

  • Teen Fitness Classes in Worcester

  • Aerobics; including kickbox-aerobics in Worcester

  • Power-Pacing- Group Stationary biking aerobic classes ( Central )

  • Fitness Consultations in Worcester

  • Personal Training in Worcester

  • Fitness Testing in Worcester

  • Aikido in Worcester

  • Yoga in Worcester

  • Chi Gong in Worcester

  • Certification Workshops in Worcester

  • Line Dancing in Worcester

  • Walking Programs in Worcester

  • Weight Management in Worcester

  • Karate in Worcester

  • MMA in Worcester


A ten week adventure learning program for teens 13-15 put on by our staffing agency in Worcester.  Weekly activities include; physical fitness, MMA training in worcester, hiking, boating, traveling, rock climbing, learn about the filming of a fishing show on youtube and camping, while learning problem solving, discipline and teamwork.

NYPUM (National Youth Program Using Mini-bikes)

An exciting new program to help make a difference in today's young teens.  Participants earn a safe training and riding time based on their completion of a behavior contract.

Interfaith Hospitality Network

Area Families in crisis and need of transitional housing, job search, and/or permanent housing search assistance.  Housing and services provided in collaboration with area churches and synagogues. 

We have an abundance of camping opportunities at the YMCA of Greater Worcester.  There are close to 20 different camp experiences that we offer with just about all ability levels and ages from pre-school through teens. 

Basketball available at Greendale and Central Branch

  • Tennis in Worcester

  • Volleyball in Worcester

  • Inline Skating in Worcester

  • Indoor Walking / Running track in Worcester

  • Racquetball in Worcester

  • Handball in Worcester

  • Squash in Worcester

  • Indoor Soccer in Worcester

  • Swimming in Worcester

  • Rock Gym in Worcester

  • Open Climb lessons, rentals, birthday parties, and group lessons in Worcester

  • Basketball, Rugby and Stickball (Starts in July) in Worcester

  • Youth Gymnastics in Worcester

  • Basketball Leagues in Worcester

  • Youth Tennis Tournaments in Worcester

  • Youth Track and Field in Worcester

  • Y Winners Youth Basketball in Worcester

  • Archery in Worcester

  • Adult Racquetball Leagues in Worcester

  • Adult Tennis Tournaments in Worcester

  • Summer Adult Basketball Member League in Worcester

  • Adult Handball Tournaments in Worcester

  • Adult Squash Tournaments in Worcester

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